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“Shop by category” is the place where we locate all the categories, making it easy to choose and shop. Here you can find over 100 category with many different topics and genres, from comic books like Marvel, DC… Categories from movies, series. Categories from Anime/Manga and assorted video games.

All the models which are in the same category, have been carefully selected to fit the category. If there is something wrong, you can contact us to fix it.

This is just a way to make it easier for you to choose models, instead of searching in the search bar, you can quickly access categories where we organized similar models.

We will try to arrange and organize the products into categories so that it is easy to see and find the most for all users.

All 3D printing figurines presented in the our category as well as all models that are available on SpecialSTL marketplace.SpecialSTL team carefully reviewed and thoroughly checked errors for all of them. Moreover, we always made sure you’ll have no trouble turning the 3D printing idea into reality by means of your 3D printer – all models are comprised of files in STL format that are adapted for all types of printers, i.e. FFF/FDM, DLP/SLA, and SLS types of 3D printing technology. Full technical support for the 3D printing design for life also comes with every order you place on SpecialSTL.

You can also buy products by traditional way or buy miniature or cosplay