Published April 16th, 2022 07:06

One of the oldest American comic books, DC Universe, has given a home to a slew of renowned heroes and villains.

Besides our heroes, the villains also have influence and fascination with DC’s fans. Therefore, you can have the whole best DC comics villains collection at home if you use a 3D printing machine.

Now it's time to check the list below and start to print your favorite.

1. Deathstroke 3D Model

3d model comic

Deathstroke was regarded as the finest mercenary in the DC universe. He was bred to be the ideal weapon in the military. If that wasn't enough, an experiment enhanced his already outstanding skillset and human training by giving him superhuman strength, reflexes, speed, and intellect.

Deathstroke has always walked the line between hero and villain, even collaborating with his arch-rivals Teen Titans in the previous DC Universe. The murder of Deathstroke keeps him from becoming an out-and-out hero, even though he occasionally sides with the angels.

Deathstroke is DC's greatest assassin, a ruthless assassin who kills without remorse or hesitation. In the past several years, he's also been a leading man, starring in his film and getting closer to becoming a real anti-hero rather than a self-serving crook.

Who does not want a Deathstroke 3D print in the collection?

2. Jack The Ripper 3D Model Comic

3d model comic

In this universe, Batman is preoccupied with Jack the Ripper, an infamous serial murderer who stalks the streets of London.

Fans of Batman will be surprised to learn that Jack the Ripper is this universe's version of Jim Gordon, which is quite a twist. While Batman can defeat Jack the Ripper in the end, his horrible activities throughout the film make him one of the most vicious killers Batman has ever encountered.

3. Cheetah 3D Model Comic

Cheetah is Wonder Woman's equivalent of Batman's Joker. Minerva, Wonder Woman's deadliest nemesis who despises everything about the Amazonian, is arguably the most beloved and essential of the characters.

Cheetah is one of Wonder Woman's most enduring foes, appearing in the heroine's first exploits in 1943. Many ladies have used the name Cheetah over the years, the most renowned of whom being modern-day villain Barbara Ann Minerva. This archaeology-obsessed adventurer was given magical abilities that are both a burden and a blessing, transforming her into a half-human, half-cheetah hybrid. She is one of the few people on Earth who can stand up to Wonder Woman because of her strength, wrath, and ferocity in a fight.

4. Harley Quinn 3D Model

3d model comic

Harley Quinn - the iconic hot chic and princess of crime is coming to your collection. You can find this 3D cosmic model in SpecialSTL.

The Harley Quinn V3 figure for 3D printing is a static assembly model that can be adjusted and adapted to various types of 3D printers. We choose the optimal cutting model to lower the quantity of filament required for created support. In the Eco version of the figure, we also hollow out portions to conserve resin. We also provide individual assembly bits for Harley Quinn V3's boots, hands, platform stringers, and so on. As a consequence, you'll get the cleanest results imaginable. All of the assembly pieces are STL files placed in suggested places to ensure that the detailed surfaces are smooth after printing. As a result, 3D printing newbies will have no trouble positioning pieces on a build plate.

The figurine is in STL files, a format supported by most 3D printers. All STL files for 3D printing have been checked in Netfabb and no errors were shown.

5. Sinestro 3D Model


Green Lantern's arch-nemesis is Thaal Sinestro of Korugar. He was formerly the most powerful member of the Green Lantern Corps, but his power corrupted him, and he was banished for crimes against his own people. He now attempts to impose his own sense of order and control on the cosmos, using a yellow power ring to oppose the green he has come to loathe. His brutality and prowess have made him one of the most feared villains of all time, and he ultimately forms his own Sinestro Corps.

He's gone from being the greatest Green Lantern to being the greatest Green Lantern villain, and he now commands his own Lantern Corps.

6. Joker 3D Model


It’s a big mistake if we don’t mention Joker on the list. The yin-yang of Batman is one of the best DC comics villains in the universe. At his heart, the Joker is living evidence that anybody may crack under the right conditions, despite all he is and does to those around him.

Unlike Batman, who is motivated to eliminate crime and restore order to his city, Joker is solely interested in mayhem, disorder, and killing his victims in the most amusing ways imaginable. Before disguising up as a clown and terrorizing the city, nothing is known about this criminal. We just want to see him let go and run wild throughout Gotham. Maybe one day he'll convince Batman that life is a joke.

Mayhem, chaos, and madness. These are the several sides of the Joker's schizophrenic psyche.

7. Riddler 3D Model Comic


The Riddler is Edward Nygma, a skilled planner who uses riddles in his crimes in Gotham City, making him an adversary of the city's defender Batman.

Edward Nygma, one of the Dark Knight's most prominent villains, likes demonstrating his intellectual superiority by committing crimes and leaving clues for Batman to decipher. While the appropriately dubbed Riddler's puzzle problem derives not just from his own narcissism and ego, but also from a deep-seated psychological urge, this habit consistently causes him to fail in his criminal activities. As a result, the Riddler frequently ends up in Arkham Asylum following his eventual capture.

The Riddler, who possesses a genius-level intelligence, designs sophisticated, often Rube Goldberg-Esque traps and is ready to exploit innocent bystanders as bait. The Riddler's intelligence, neurosis, and lack of empathy make him an extremely formidable opponent, despite his lack of physical strength. He is unconcerned with the lives of people he employs in his machinations, viewing them instead as throwaway pawns in his ongoing philosophical struggle with Batman.

8. Lex Luthor 3D Model Comic


Despite the fact that he isn't as physically intimidating or as swift as some other DC villains, Lex Luthor must be included on this list. He's the brightest villain in the DC universe, and he's utilized his wits to achieve anything he wants.

Whether he's playing a ruthless politician and crooked businessman, an infuriatingly untouchable mad scientist, or an out-and-out mega-powered monster, Luthor exudes confidence and intelligence that no one else can match. Luthor is a member of the Totality, a new DC Universe super-team comprised of superheroes and supervillains billed as "a shield shielding our world from future dangers, staffed by its brightest brains."

If Superman wasn't around to usurp his fame and incite mankind to be weak and reliant, Lex Luthor believes he might be the world's savior. When he sets his mind to anything, this super-genius can do almost anything. He'd rather pursue his war with Superman than serve mankind, unfortunately. That's the core of their relationship, and it's why Luthor has stayed such a terrific villain for so long.

9. Darkseid 3D Model


Darkseid is one of, if not the, most malevolent characters in the DC universe. He is a New God, and as such, he is over 250,000 years old. Darkseid is the ruler of Apokolips, which he utilizes as a base for all of his activities.

He possesses a set of abilities that includes superhuman strength, speed, and endurance. He has the ability to fly and teleport to whatever location he chooses. And he can wield the deadly Omega Beams and has Omega Powers.

10. Brainiac 3D Model

Brainiac is one of Superman's most dangerous enemies and one that he will almost certainly meet again. Brainiac is an android whose sole objective is to research and collect as much data as possible.

His heartless, unfeeling android has dedicated himself to acquiring every single scrap of information available. He catalogs the universe's many civilizations takes samples and kills the rest so that no one else may have what he has. Brainiac is frequently depicted as Krypton's destructor.

Brainiac, who is alien to the point of inhumanity and calculated to the point of cruelty, has no regard for any living creature in his pursuit for ultimate knowledge.

Brainiac laid the setting for a huge reboot of DC's Justice League titles a few years ago by assembling a team of heroes and villains to confront an immense cosmic menace in the limited series No Justice - before dying and leaving his squad unprepared for the struggle ahead in the first issue of the book.

11. Ra's Ah Ghul 3D Model


The League of Assassins is led by Ra's al Ghul. As a result, he has command of one of the most competent and merciless teams in all comics. Each League member is accountable for learning, practicing, and improving their fighting skills. They're more than that, though. Because the League of Assassins is called that, each member must be willing to assassinate someone.

He believes that the greatest way to restore world peace is to exterminate the majority of mankind. But even Ra's can't live forever, and he's been eyeing Batman as his heir and successor for a long time. Ra's peculiar mix of hostility and respect for Batman makes him one of the most interesting Bat-villains.

12. Bane 3D Model

Bane was raised in jail on the island of Santa Prisca for his father's misdeeds, and he spent his childhood developing his intellect and physique into a perfect weapon.

Batman has perfected his physique as well as his wits in order to wage his never-ending war on injustice. There is, however, one individual who has shattered him. In many respects, he is the polar opposite of him—a physical wonder and an unrivaled brilliance. Bane, on the other hand, was meant for a life of depravity, whereas the Dark Knight was created to battle crime.

Bane escaped from jail and vowed to overthrow the Bat and rule Gotham in his place. And he even managed to succeed for a time, which is more than any other villain can claim. The Bat, on the other hand, broke him straight back, and the two have been feuding ever since.

13. Black Adam 3D Model


Black Adam, like the Reverse Flash and Lex Luthor, is the polar antithesis of the superheroes he fights... Shazam.

This ancient Egyptian ruler wielded Shazam's abilities for generations, defending his country of Kahndaq until he became corrupted. Adam is ultimately a tragic and appealing man, despite his tendency for pulling the limbs off his foes. He believes in an old-fashioned version of justice, and he has the authority to implement it.

14. Reverse Flash 3D Model

There is an equal and opposite reaction to every action. And with each stride the Flash goes toward the future, someone from the future—the malevolent speedster known as the Reverse-Flash—races backward through time to stop him.

Eobard Thawne, who was born in the twenty-first century, grew up idolizing the Flash and researching the Scarlet Speedster's history. However, when Eobard learned more about the Flash, he realized how his own life was connected to that of his hero: Eobard became deranged after learning that he was destined to become one of Barry Allen's greatest antagonists. When Eobard was finally able to reproduce the chemical accident that gave the Flash incredible speed, he adopted a new identity: the Reverse-Flash, a cruel parody of all the Flash stands for.

Even the quickest man alive will struggle to overtake Reverse-Flash.

15. Scarecrow 3D Model


As the Guardian of Gotham, Batman strikes horror into the hearts of his foes, using terror as a weapon in his war against the city's criminals. Another Gothamite, on the other hand, understands how to utilize terror to his advantage. The Scarecrow is a villain who uses Batman's own weapon against him and revels in misery and dread.

The Scarecrow is a continual menace to the Dark Knight, not because of his physical power, but because of the emotional and psychic harm, his poisons may do. Scarecrow, in fact, prefers to avoid violent confrontations and instead allows his victims to succumb to their own waking nightmares. The Scarecrow is a doctor of the highest grade whose heinous crimes arise from an unquenchable drive to understand and refine his craft—mastery over fear itself—rather than a wicked ambition for power or money.

Scarecrow, as big of a menace to Gotham as he is, isn't immune to Batman's fear.

16. Mr.Freeze 3D Model


For decades, Mr. Freeze has been a staple of the Batman franchise. But it wasn't until Batman: The Animated Series that the villain truly came into his own. Freeze was transformed from a simple maniac with a cold pistol in the episode "Heart of Ice" into a melancholy, gloomy scientist who grieved with the death of his wife by severing his humanity and attempting to make all of Gotham as icy as his own heart. It was a decision that has had a significant impact on Freeze's representation in the media.

17. Two-face 3D Model

Two-Face is the best example of this characteristic among his foes. Harvey Dent was formerly a talented District Attorney who, together with Batman and Commissioner Gordon, was committed to making Gotham a better place to live.

Harvey Dent, a well-known and well-educated District Attorney, battled fiercely to protect the law and improve the community. It would have worked in any other city. Not in Gotham, where corruption and greed run from the depths of Crime Alley to the gleaming heights of the mayor's office. Dent's descent towards lunacy began quickly after a criminal poured acid in his face, scarring half of it badly. As he sought safety in Gotham's underworld, Harvey Dent and everything he stood for was gone... Two-Face emerged from the shadows.

He's a classic villain not just because of the havoc he may wreak if the coin lands incorrectly, but also because Batman still believes he can save Harvey.

18. Doomsday 3D Model


Doomsday is an ultimate and unstoppable force of death and devastation, produced in the most severe circumstances possible.

Scientists on the planet Krypton created a monster to be the ultimate weapon a long time ago. The Ultimate, a monster with no purpose other than devastation, made his way across other worlds until being vanquished. After millennia of being buried on the primordial planet Earth, he awoke and unleashed death, gaining the moniker Doomsday. Superman, who appeared to lose his life in the process, was eventually able to halt the monster. Doomsday has resurrected time and time again, driven by an impulse to seek down the citizens of his own homeworld, to attack Superman and his adopted planet—no matter what stands in his way.

19. The Anti-Monitor


In the classic sense, the Anti-Monitor is not a villain.

The Anti-Monitor is one of DC's most powerful and universe-threatening villains. The Anti-Monitor is the cold, inhuman counterpart of the multiverse's Monitors, hailing from the anti-matter realm and intent with eliminating all other realities. It came close to succeeding in the Crisis on Infinite Earth tale, leaving the DC Universe in a significantly altered state. It is still one of the Green Lantern Corps' most formidable foes, and it was a prominent antagonist throughout the fantastic second half of Green Lantern: The Animated Series.

The Anti-Monitor first appeared in Crisis on Infinite Earths as the reality-collapsing villain that destroyed all but one world of the DC Multiverse.

20. Solomon Grundy 3D Model


Solomon Grundy, the undead monster, is powerful, immortal, and horrible news for any hero who happens to cross his path. Until his terrible demise in Slaughter Swamp, Grundy was a corrupt man called Cyrus Gold. His entire life has been a never-ending cycle of death and rebirth since then. When Grundy dies, he returns to wreak havoc on the living, rising from the depths of his original burial place in the swamp.

When he is reincarnated, his personality frequently shifts. He occasionally resurfaces as a mindless monster intent on killing all in his path. He's reincarnated with a high degree of intelligence at other times, giving him a lethal mix of wits and brawn. Regardless of his personality changes, he retains his superhuman strength, stamina, and near indestructibility, and his motivations remain malevolent and corrupt. He's an invulnerable creature who keeps reappearing...and reappearing...

And there you go. Whether you are a fan of DC or not, it’s hard not to own at least one character model in the best DC comics villains list. Using STL comics files will help you do the incredible work. That makes you so many days to design and build the model at home but the statues afterward will be worth it.