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Welcome to SpecialSTL, here we provide the best 3D printing models from artisans from all over the world in STL format

SpecialSTL is essentially a place where fans of 3D printing and 3d artists get a chance to meet and share with each other. Their passion for their fandoms, results of their 3d modeling.

We cover a wide range of 3D models, figures, miniature and cosplay…

There are 3D artists who use their skills and the advancement of 3D printing technology. They create unique digital designs from scratch. The artists use well-known elements of the modern media culture for inspiration. All models are in the form of digital STL files, they are all ready for 3D printing and for personal use.

If you cannot find the file on your desired subject. You can submit a suggestion to us. And we will update and provide it at a super low price compared to the general premises.
If you would like to sell your models on our site, please contact us.

We take product quality-related issues very seriously and we always want to satisfy customer expectations. You should send the request to, within 7 days after the purchase and shouldbase on one of these reasons:

  • The product does not match it’s description/preview images in a significant manner
  • Crucial model parts, details, textures or missing files (not applicable when issues are caused by exchange format limitations)
  • The model is mistaken for a physical/tangible object and the digital file has not been downloaded.

When requesting a refund, please, indicate the purchase order number, the problem, software and file formats. After receiving a refund request, SpecialSTL commits to process the request within 3 business days. In case of a refund, you are legally bound to destroy all copies of purchased product files without the right to keep or use them in the future.