The best large 3D printer in any price range in 2022

The best large 3D printer in any price range in 2022

Published May 18th, 2022 01:20

Everyone has different needs, and printing large prints is also one of those needs. So the best large 3D printer was born for you to use for more functions.

Some can print content within their small, desktop 3D printer, but it won't work. So, others require a beast - a large 3D printer capable of printing the Goliath structures they need for their commercial or hobby business project.

I. Why do you need the best large 3D printer?

You might want the best larger 3D printer if you are a manufacturer who wants to make larger models.

For example, a large-scale character or model car, large cosplay parts, or large prototypes don't want to print as parts. By printing it in a piece, you maintain a smooth surface area and save time on post-processing and assembling parts.

So when we put together our recommendations - from large-format 3D printers to XXL 3D printers - we included lower-priced 3D printers for home manufacturers and commercial options.

best large 3D printer

II. Things to be considered the best large 3D printer

To judge which of the following giant 3D printers deserves a place in our ranking, we used the following criteria:

● Size versus price: the large print volume on a cheap printer is comparatively more impressive.

● Print quality: irrelevant if you can print larger objects if they look terrible. Only high-quality XXL 3D printers can do it.

Closed or open build chamber: a large print area is more dramatic on a self-contained 3D printer than an area without a closed build chamber.

Reliability, flexibility, and ease of use: how many materials it supports, how simple it is to navigate the printer's interface, how vulnerable the printer is to errors.

best large 3D printer

III. Top 7 Best large 3D printer in 2022

1. FLSUN QQ-S PRO - the best large 3D printer

Build volume: 25,5 x 25,5 x 36 cm

Cost: 369 USD

The FLSUN QQ-S PRO is an excellent plain 3D printer that offers a huge 3D printing area at an affordable price. The delta printers are less common than Cartesian printers but are known to be faster, albeit more complex, 3D printers. This is an upgrade on the original RepRap Kossel. Still, instead of being an accessory kit, it is 90% pre-assembled and takes just 20 minutes to build fully.

The 3.2-inch touch screen makes this printer easy to navigate and print, and low-cost 3D printers come with high-quality parts. The printer uses a Titanium extruder and a mesh glass print bed for high-quality 3D printing with little warping. You can easily remove the finished prints.

The huge 36 cm maximum part height makes the FLSUN QQ-S one of the biggest 3D model printers under $500, and it's perfect if you want to print tall structures like the Eiffel Tower. And you can print over a WiFi connection or offline via an SD card.



This printer is also marketed as extremely quiet (under 50 dB), so if you are sensitive to noise or live with someone, this could be a game-changer. It's accurate (minimum layer size is just 0.05 mm) and fast (about 30% faster than the average printer). With a large print area to boot, it's the best budget 3D printer. Perfectly cheap.

2. Qidi Tech X-Plus -  big 3D printer under $1000.

Price: $699

Max build volume: 27 x 20 x 20 cm

Already a great printer - though for an extra $300, you can upgrade to an even bigger X-Max! The X-Plus offered great build volume and is encased in a sturdy metal frame. This makes ABS much better than other rigid filament printing - the X-Plus is like a mini industrial 3D printer at a much lower price.

It's super versatile and can be used in prototyping, hobby projects, architectural modeling, prosthetics, etc. Qidi Tech doubles this versatility by shipping the X-Plus with two different nozzles:

Nozzle A: standard nozzle up to 250C for printing PLA, ABS, and TPU

Nozzle B: high-temperature nozzle up to 300C for printing nylon, carbon fiber, and PC fiber types.

So no matter your project, commercial, or hobby, X-Plus has the tools available. Dual Z-axis drivers stabilize the printer and ensure smooth print quality unaffected by vibrations and other variables, especially for projects that are very complex and where you may use cutters. Their free slice, which Qidi claims, produces 30% better quality prints, and 20% faster prints.

Overall, you get a high build volume in a heated chamber with the option of printing more commercial documents with a high-temperature nozzle. It's a great little commercial 3D printer in a low-cost package.


3. Tronxy X5SA PRO - big 3D printer cheap

Build volume: 33 x 33 x 40 cm

Price: $399

This ranking is about the biggest 3D printer you can buy. Thanks to its cube-shaped construction, the Tronxy S5SA PRO takes up a big chunk of the space.

It has the same price tag as the CR-10, has very similar specifications, and has a slightly larger volume print area - 33 x 33 x 40 cm. Therefore, anyone who is finding the biggest 3D printer under $500 should look at these 3D printers.

For an even larger 40 cm version, check out the X5SA-400 Pro here.

Regarding the difference, there is a clear difference in shape. Both machines try to minimize the vibration affecting print quality through their frames. The box design is very good to fix the 3D printer down for accurate printing.

The Tronxy X5SA is an all-in-one 3D printer that can print ABS and PLA and PC, HIPS, wood fiber, and TPU. The 3.5-inch display is easy to print and negative, and it has a filament run-out detector, so you don't have to start these failed prints all over again. Overall, it's another great large-format 3D printer for anyone who wants a large printer that runs reliably.



4. Creality CR-10 MAX - The Largest 3D Printer for $1,000!

Maximum build volume: 45 x 45 x 47 cm

● XXL 3D printer price: $1,099

The Creality CR10 was already a large format 3D printer, but this extended version, the CR-10 MAX, takes it to another level. The fully large 450 x 450 x 470 mm print area means you can print huge structures in one go instead of breaking them down into small pieces.

Like the CR-10 V2, the CR-10 MAX features an upgraded aluminum frame and an improved triangle frame, designed to fix the printer down and reduce vibrations affecting the Z-axis for an improved top surface finish. Printed parts. It also integrates BL Touch auto-leveling technology for quick and accurate auto-leveling, saving you time and ensuring reliability.

In terms of quality, the CR-10 MAX doesn't have significant upgrades compared to other printers in the CR-10 series. You chose this giant 3D printer over the CR-10 because of its size.

The bed is heated, that means it can print ABS and other standard filaments, and it's compatible with commonly used 3D cutters like Cura and Simplify3D.



5. Peopoly Phenom - Cheap Large 3D Printer

● Company headquarter: Hong Kong

● Maximum build volume: 27,6 x 15,5 x 40 cm

Price: $1,999

The Peopoly Phenom is the only plastic 3D printer on our chart. Plastic printers are not known for having a large print area, which makes the large size of the Peopoly Phenom all the more impressive.

People first made a name for themselves after their successful Kickstarter campaign to bring Peopoly Moai to market. Phenom is a giant 3D printer that uses MSLA technology (LCD screens with LEDs) to make parts.

The idea of an LCD 3D printer with a large build area is a very good one. LCD 3D printing involves solidifying an entire layer of plastic at once, unlike FDM, where the 3D printer's extruder needs to track each layer. And combining this ability to print multiple objects simultaneously with a large format 3D printing area opens up truly scalable 3D printing possibilities. It's very interesting.

The printer itself is impressive. The 72 um accuracy is precise and will provide a better surface finish than most FDM 3D printers. Peopoly recommends using their Deft resin, but this large 3D printer is compatible with those made by other manufacturers. If you already own a smaller, low-cost plastic printer like the Elegoo Mars or AnyCubic Photon, upgrading to Phenom is easy as it also runs on CHITUBOX.



6. Modix Big-60 V3 Kit - The best large 3D printer for heavy duty

Price: $4,700

● Construction volume: 60 x 60 x 66 cm

The Big-60 makes the mentioned printers look small. Its massive 60 x 600 x 660 mm build volume can print even the largest prototypes and parts in large parts.

This is a great advantage as you can print these large models without assembling them without compromising the surface finish from the required post-processing.

It's a 3D printer kit, but experienced 3D printing operators or manufacturers should have no trouble assembling the Model Big-60 V3, especially since it comes with detailed instructions that give it a go. You go through each step of the assembly process.

The Big-60 V3 kit has premium components, such as a high-quality E3D hothead and a Duet 3D controller as standard. While designed for heavy-duty industrial use, the Big-60 is also modular enough that you can easily install any upgrade to suit your 3D printing needs. These can be custom, third-party upgrades, or one of several available upgrades that you may purchase with the printer. Such as a cover kit, ultra-high temperature nozzles for printing objects, and more—industrial materials such as PEEK or PEEK ULTEM or auxiliary printheads.

Overall, it's an industrial 3D model printer but at a much lower mid-range price point, and it's certainly a great 3D printer for the best large 3D printer projects.



7. BCN3D Sigma D25 - Large Workhorse 3D Model Printer

Price: $3,995

Max build volume: 42 x 30 x 20 cm

Another very efficient fused deposition modeling printer, the Spanish industrial 3D printer manufacturer BCN3D has outdone itself with the latest release of the Sigma line, the Sigma D25.

With dual extruders and a huge print volume at 420 x 300 x 200 mm, the Sigma D25 stands out for other reasons than just being one of the best large 3D printers. It is extremely versatile, printing happily with 3D printer filaments ranging from ABS and PLA to HIPS, ASA, etc.

However, this is not a standard dual extruder. Instead, BCN3D's IDEX system allows each extruder to move independently, dramatically speeding up the production of each part for similar parts and allowing for multi-material printing and soluble filament printing as PVA.

Perhaps most impressively, Sigma's cloning and cloning modes take advantage of its dual extruders to enhance the scalability of part production. Mirror mode prints identical models simultaneously, while mirror mode prints reflective designs to speed part production.



The D25 has additionally been upgraded with a stainless-steel body to anchor down the X and Y axes, even enhancing the excellent print and capabilities of the Bondtech E3D printer and extruder for extraordinarily dependable and great printing. The 5-inch touch screen makes the Sigma D25 a completely easy-to-use large 3D printer, with a perfect 50-micron minimal layer top and particular XY and Z resolutions for printing elaborate details.

Furthermore, the Sigma D25 is a BCN3D printer capable of printing over WiFi and printing via USB and SD cards. It even automatically updates to the latest firmware for the latest developments.

IV. Summary

Above is a summary of the best large 3D printers at different prices. Sure, there are more on the market and at different price points, but the machines we recommend for you above will not let you down in terms of quality or price tag for your budget.

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