Real Cat Noir ring, the most loved and chosen product for cosplay in Miraculous Ladybug

Real Cat Noir ring, the most loved and chosen product for cosplay in Miraculous Ladybug

Published May 11th, 2022 02:18

Miraculous Ladybug with two main characters is Ladybug and Chat Noir. And the Real Cat Noir ring is one of the products that receive a lot of love from fans.

The duo Ladybug and Chat Noir are the main characters in the Miraculous Ladybug series, and the costumes and items in the film are loved and desired by fans who collect them. One of them and one that We can easily carry around is the Cat Noir ring. So with a Real Cat Noir ring, they will have something remarkable and worth owning in your collection. Find the answer in the following article.

I. About the movie Miraculous Ladybug

Miraculous Ladybug or Miraculous is a French CGI superhero/magical girl television series. The film focuses on two teenagers in Paris, Marinette Dupanchen and Adrian Agrette. They, in turn, transform into superheroes Ladybug and Chat Noir to protect the city from supervillains.


The series revolves around modern-day Paris and teenagers Marinette Dupinchen and Adrian Agrette. They use magical trinkets called magic jewels to transform into superhero versions of Ladybug and Chat Noir. Together, they use the negative-energy butterfly Demon Butterfly / Akuma to protect Paris from the mysterious villain Moss / Hawk Moss, who wants her powers and tries to steal, and the others. Ordinary people of Paris Super. During this time, the two find themselves in an emotional dilemma and are unaware of their secret identities. Marinette and Adrian but not Chat Noir, Adrian loves Ladybug but not Marinette.

1. Marinette Dupain-Cheng / Ladybug

Marinette is a 15-year-old girl who attends Francoise DuPont High School. Her dream is to become a fashion designer. Marinette lives with her parents in a bakery. From the end of Season 3, she will officially become the Guardian of Miracles. Additionally, Marinette is a superhero Ladybug who protects Paris from the dark hawks/moss. She also has feelings for her classmate Adrian, but Adrian is unaware of her feelings. Her kwami is Ticki.


2. Adrien Athanase Agreste / Chat Noir

Like Marinette, Adrian is a classmate of Marinette. Adrian is a famous model. He is also Ladybug's teammate. Chat Noir also has a crush on Ladybug, but he only sees Marinette as a friend. He is an orphan, and there is no reason why his mother mysteriously disappeared. Adrian doesn't even know that his father is the villain he's always fighting (Hawkmos). His kwami is Plagg.


II. Chat Noir and Chat Noir ring

With the guy, Adrian owns a special ability, and the best point of this guy is on the ring known as the Chat Noir ring or the Cat Noir ring. The simple reason for the name of this item is that the face of the ring has the symbol of a cat's paw. The Cat Noir ring has a mysterious black accent with a blue cat's claw print. This has created a special for the ring and is loved by everyone because the product is easy to sell if brought into real life.

Adrien Agreste is also known as Chat Noir. Adrian comes from a wealthy family, he laments the poor relationship with his father, but he is a famous fashion model for his father's Gabriel clothing company. Meanwhile, his mother has disappeared indistinctly. Adrien is friendly, loyal, and sensitive. With Kwami Plagg, He assisted Ladybug and saved Paris from the evil people of Falkenmotten. She didn't know that her true identity was her friend, but she didn't know that her true identity was her friend, but she turned the opportunity to impress her. That gives her a chance to be impressed by her state of mind, and for the most part, Catvolum sucks. The weapon he's grappling with and the weapon he's grappling with will destroy everything he touches with his multi-function agent and special destruction force, "Cataclysm." In the episode "Reflex Doll," Adrian temporarily used Ladybug's Miraculous to become a version of Ladybug, "Mr. Bug." In the episode "Cat Blanc," Hawk Moth accidentally knocks him out into an evil white version of Cat Blanc that he can't control with infinite power, ravaging the city and causing the moon to be destroyed. Half off. It is revealed from the future that he is alone in his world. His call for conversion is "Plag, pull your nails out!". (French: Plagg, Transformers!, "Plagg, Claw!"). He knew very little that his father was his enemy, Gabriel Agrette.


Cat miracles give their owners extraordinary speed, durability, night vision, and superhuman powers. His special weapon is the staff that can be used as weapons and messengers for other heroes. His special superpower is a cataclysm. This allows the user to damage or destroy objects such as structures, demon hideouts, and metal poles. It also brings the power of night vision to the user. Unless a superpower is used, users can continue to transform indefinitely. However, when superpowers are used, the user's miracle diminishes, and the conversion usually disappears within about 5 minutes. The ring can also give the owner the desired outfit.

Using Ladybug Miraculous and Cat Miraculous together with Special Summon gives the owner the ultimate power. Those who use them can make wishes that can change reality. However, all actions are responsive because the universe needs to be balanced. For example, if you want to be human, someone loses humanity.

Overall, the ring has a thick band with a circular surface surrounded by a lining in the shape of four-pointed diamonds on each diagonal. The black, bright green cat's claws are displayed as circles in charging mode. When a minor uses a miracle, after using a cataclysm, the ring loses power, a beep sounds, and the toes of the footprints disappear for a while like a mark. The signal shows the energy and time left before the switch returns (one toe is equivalent to one minute). This will happen until the ring is completely black. This is a magical active mode.


III. Real Cat Noir ring

With that special attraction, the Real Cat Noir ring is made in detail and identical to the film version released to fans. Fans and collectors can easily purchase it as jewelry accessories or to cosplay their favorite characters.

Real Cat Noir ring is made from stainless steel to help maintain its black beauty and durability over time. The real Cat Noir ring is designed to fit many different hand types. Specifically, rings are made and sold in 8 ring sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, and 13.


Note: Women's average ring size is Size 6, and the average men's ring size is 10. How to measure when you want to buy a Real Cat Noir ring that fits your hand:

1.    Cut a piece of string about 6 inches long.

2.    Fold the string around the base of your finger, just below the knuckle.

3.    Mark where the string ends with a pen.

4.    Place the measured piece of string on the ruler marked with the area on your right.

5.    The number closest to the pen mark is the circle's circumference in millimeters.

And if you want to cosplay as a character, Cat Noir seems to be an indispensable item. Used in one way or another real Cat Noir ring is always interesting and bought from fans.

IV. Cat Noir ring silver

Instead of owning black and green points like the original. The Real Cat Noir ring is known to be changed to a glossy silver color and engraved with distinctive black cat paw prints. The product has become special because of its variation.

The design and the product will not change, except it is polished silver to create a new look, and it becomes a much more practical and suitable jewelry for teenagers.


V. Summary

As a jewelry product, the Real Cat Noir Ring or Chat Noir ring is worth and suitable for fans of this series or even if you are just a casual user. The Real Cat Noir ring's unique design will help you diversify and make more impressions on people thanks to it when you carry it with you. If you are a simple person but still like the design, Cat Noir ring silver will be very suitable. And if you want to cosplay the character Chat Noir, own the real Cat Noir Ring right away.

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