How to?

How to?

Published December 11th, 2022 15:41

Support Question about the site.

  1. Process of the site.

    • Customer place order

    • Payment complete

      • PayPal payment will be show as paid immediately but Stripe option will be not, so do not make the payment second time

      • Customer waiting for the order status change to Paid

    • Our employer mask the order as paid (Within 7 hours or immediately if it is in our business time) - Status updated by hand, so please be patient.

    • Update the files in the order. (Within 24 hours)

    So it will take you maximum 24 hours to receive all the files. But in case you want it immediately, just drop us a message via email.

  2. How can I receive the files/download my files?

    All your files is located in your dashboard. You can access it by enter your profile section in the top right of your browser or by follow these link Enter your library section, all your files are here. Enter your orders section, this place will list all of your order and the status of order. Tutorial on how to download files

  3. I want to pay with PayPal

    Please drop us a message if you want to pay with PayPal but the site do not offer that option for your order

  4. These are problem with the files I bought.

    Please drop us a message follow this structure to have a fastest support.

    1. Your order number

    2. Product name

    3. Files name

    4. Described of the problem

    5. Picture/screenshot/message/text about the error.

    6. Proof of missing any files.

  5. How to extract the files.

    The downloaded files will be available as WinRAR/zip or 7z files. Please using WinRAR to extract it

    WinRAR download for windows

    WinRAR download for MacOS

    Another version at

    • After download please install it follow the instruction of software.

    • Final step is left click in the WinRAR/zip/7z and choose extract to.

    For example for the files name "Wonder Woman Superman Statue 7.rar"

    Then you have to choose like this. Extract to Wonder Woman Superman Statue 7

  6. The download link not working

    • If your download link return a 404 page or something else that make you can not complete the download. Please try using a VPN/Proxy Service

    • If you come from Turkey, please use VPN/Proxy Service when download the files. Or contact us to have another link

    • If your download link have the xml error, or something like this, please contact us, we will fix it as soon as possible