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June 2023 Stormborn Collectibles Miniatures



June 2023 Stormborn Collectibles Miniatures for Tabletop 3D Printing Pack

Elevate your tabletop gaming experience with our June 2023 Stormborn Collectibles Miniatures for 3D printing. This meticulously crafted pack of STL files is designed for static tabletop game miniatures, ensuring an immersive and detailed gaming environment.


  • Printer Compatibility: Optimized for SLA/SLS (Resin) 3D printers, with pre-supports for select files. Some maybe not, so please drop us a message for details.

  • Assembly Convenience: Each miniature comes with assembly parts or as a single-piece object, strategically positioned for a smooth printing experience. Large objects are thoughtfully cut into smaller, easy-to-assemble pieces, preventing printing difficulties and ensuring clean results.

  • Print-Tested and Keyed: We've cut, keyed, and rigorously tested each model for successful 3D printing. The STL/OBJ files are in recommended positions, eliminating challenges for 3D printing beginners.

  • File Format: Compatible with most 3D printers, the figurine is provided in STL/OBJ files. Our files have been checked in Netfabb to ensure error-free printing.

What's Included:

How to Purchase:

Simply complete the payment process using PayPal or your credit card. For guidance, refer to our detailed instructions here.

Additional Resources:

Explore our YouTube Channel for tutorials on printing, assembling, 3D printing tips, and technical information. Discover more products related to this category that complement your gaming experience.

Enhance your tabletop adventures with the June 2023 Stormborn Collectibles Miniatures for Tabletop 3D Printing. Purchase now and join the ranks of satisfied gamers who've elevated their gaming terrain.

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